About Lux Angeles

We are out living our dreams. Let us help you live yours.

About Lux Angeles

We are out living our dreams. Let us help you live yours.

our Story

I started this company because my wife and I found out we were having our first son and we wanted him to be born in France. At the time we were living in West Hollywood and I was assisting for 3 different Real Estate Agents. I took the clients I already had and asked them to trust me and I left Los Angeles to go have our son in Nice, France.

My company is now 3 years old. I have lived in Nice, Paris, Toulouse, Bretagne, Thailand and now Vietnam. My business has grown tenfold since I left Los Angeles. What once started as an Assistant job for Los Angeles Luxury Real Estate Agents has turned into an International Marketing Company.

I asked my clients to trust me and they did. Trust is the reason why my business is a success. I believe trust is the most important assett in any business.

I know my clients’ kids, where they grew up and where they want to retire. That is why I can be their extra arms, voice and second brain. My relationships with my clients is the key to succuess in my business. Since I am on another continent than my clients, I make maintaining those relationships a top priority.

I came from a real estate background and taught myself marketing. Now that the company is growing I am surrounding myself with people that are better than me at everything I taught myself to do.

I work with the best freelancers I can find from all parts of the world who are living the same dream as I am.

It is an exciting time for us and I hope you can come share this journey with us.

Michael Burdge

Founder – Lux Angeles

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Anne-Sophie Lerond

Anne-Sophie is our Social Media Manager. She is French. She studied Business Marketing at École Supérieure de Commerce et Management in Tours France and Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge U.K.

She worked 5 years in Marketing Strategy in France & Portugal for Trip Advisor before moving to Thailand. She is passionate about travel and addicted to pain au chocolat!


“I just received the website Lux Angeles made for me, and I have only good things to say about how the whole job went: communication was easy, the website is great, awesome value for money. It’s pretty rare for me leave reviews, but I really wanted to leave one this time, as I am particularly happy with the result. Thank you, Michael ! Will definitely refer you”

Sebastien Louit

Founder, Mobigarage

“I like the fact that everytime I have reached out to Michael, he makes himself available. As a result I have a terrific website, monthly newsletters going out with great articles to keep my visibility high in front of my client base. I have & will recommend Lux Angeles to everyone.”

-Ahmed Mirza 

Real Estate Agent – Pacific Union

“I’ve been working with Michael for the past year and half. Very professional, great attitude. He is the best! Recommend!”

-Linda Kasian
Photographer – I Photography Homes

So, if you aren’t based in Los Angeles, why is your name Lux Angeles?

Lux Angeles isn’t about us, it’s about our clients. At the time of the company formation, our clients were in Los Angeles in the luxury real estate industry. Even now most of our clients are in Los Angeles. But the name has grown beyond that. Now it has come to mean our style of marketing. We elevate our clients brands to a luxury status and build value into their company name. We keep it local. While Los Angeles may not be local for all of our clients, it was local for us and we retain a commitment to local marketing wherever that may be for our clients. We may not live in Los Angeles anymore but the truth is, I am a California boy through and through. A wiseman once said “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”